Earth Healing The Health of the Bluegrass Is The Triangle Really Golden

The Health of the Bluegrass:
Is the Triangle Really Green?

Published by Earth Healing in cooperation with
EcoPerspectives, a project of Earth Island Institute


Kentucky has been impacted in many ways by development. Some of the charm and beauty and many environmental and cultural treasures have been lost; others are directly endangered or threatened. As the Commonwealth prepares for the Equestrian Games in 2010, we need to consider how green we really are. Quite often environmental criticism has been leveled at Appalachian portions of Kentucky for improper resource extraction (logging and coal mining) practices ; but the health of the “Golden Triangle,” which frames the Inner and Outer Bluegrass, tends to be overlooked. With the aim of promoting discussion, we present an overview of ten subjects of concern (click on each of the following links to access): land use, cultural features, energy sources, air quality, water resources, hazardous waste disposal, endangered species, invasive species, public transport, and nuisances. We invite comments and additional information, as we hope to revise the report for 2010.








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