Revised August 11, 2005

We at Earth Healing strive to make our services, including our Web site, accessible for all users, including people with disabilities.

Although we continue to test and modify our Web sites for accessibility, there may be some legacy pages and pages developed by third-parties that are not fully compliant with our standards. If you would like further information about our accessibility standards or have problems accessing this Web site, please contact us.

And as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can improve the content and quality of our site.

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Janet Powell



The term "Earth Healing" (EH) has been used by our Environmental Resource Assessment Service (ERAS) for two decades.  Through ERAS, we have assisted over 200 groups in 34 states and Canada. EH has been used on our weekly television shows on WOBZ-TV at London, Kentucky for the past six years. EH was also the name of a book by Al Fritsch and Bob Sears. And finally, it is now being used for this website and associated non-profit organization, Earth Healing, Inc.  We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and invite you to join our mailing list!

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