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About Us

Our principal service is to offer a Daily Reflection on pertinent subjects. This website began in 2004 and will continue as long as materials are available and funding permits. The weekday Reflections cover a variety of simple living topics and the weekend writings include homilies and other sacred issues. A variety of essays and poems appear here as well. I hope you find these and the other writings offered on the website beneficial. Peace, Fr. Al Fritsch, S.J.

Daily Reflections

By Al Fritsch, SJ

Earth Healing Daily Reflections by Al Fritsch, SJ

We invite you to read today's Daily Reflection, and visit us each day for a new offering!
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Excerpt from 1/01/2012:


Prayer: Lord, inspire us to be primary peacemakers in this year. Help us see that inadvertent promotion of a military/ industrial complex in this land and abroad is utterly destabilizing and threatening to world peace.
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Recent Publications

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New Titles

Healing Earth by Jesuit Al Fritsch SJ
GUNS: Giving Us Negative Security -
by Al Fritsch, SJ
This is the evolution in my own attitudes on guns from that of youth in rural gun-carrying country to eight decades later also in quite red gun-loving Kentucky. Many changes occurred over those decades in which guns intruded numerous times, each with a narrative and an appropriate reflection from gun handling, ownership, maintenance, national attitudes such as bullying, control measures, and finally to stress from Environmental Gun Threats (EGT)...Click here to continue reading.

Healing Earth by Jesuit Al Fritsch SJ
Healing Earth - From Contrasumers to Eco-Revolutionaries - Enlisting Patriot and Conservative Support- Download
by Al Fritsch, SJ
Healing Earth reveals the urgency of the climate change crisis and how a collaboration of all concerned citizens, from a wide variety of backgrounds, is necessary to win the struggle to save our endangered Earth.

Appalachian Sensations A Journey Through the Seasons
Appalachian Sensations -
A Journey Through the Seasons

Text by Al Fritsch, SJ
Photos by Warren E. Brunner
This book offers uplifting
and insightful reflections by Al Fritsch,
illustrated by 140 photographs by
Warren Brunner celebrating the
people, places and natural wonders
of Appalachia's seasons.

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New - December 2013
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Ethnic Atlas of the United States
Ethnic Atlas
of the United States

- by Albert J. Fritsch, SJ
Now available online!
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and link to download


Earth Healing:
A Resurrection-Centered Approach

-by Robert T. Sears, SJ
and Albert J. Fritsch, SJ

Now available online!
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Challenging an Enlightened Church to Act

-- 2013 --
by Albert J. Fritsch, S.J.

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-Photographs by Warren Brunner &
Reflections by Al Fritsch, SJ

Now available at Acclaim Press - click here.
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WATER SOUNDS: Reminiscences: North America's Missionary Naturalist Jacques Marquette,
by Al Fritsch, SJ
Now available at Marquette University Press - click here to order!

A DVD by Seescapes in HD video featuring meditations adapted from The Little Blue Book by Fr. Al Fritsch, S.J.
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