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Daily Reflections Earth Healing

Earth Healing
featuring Daily Reflections
by Al Fritsch, S.J.


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          EarthHealing is a non-profit environmental program that has been operating since 2000, working to save our wounded earth through books and Daily Reflections on our website, weekly social media essays and postings, and over 130 videos on Youtube. Fr. Al continued to create new weekly essays until his passing on March 5, 2024. The EarthHealing team will honor the rich legacy of Fr. Al's timeless works by continuing to release his writings, as he had long planned for us to do. Each week, there will be many new Daily Reflctions and special essays that are yet unpublished.  Our goal is to bring inspiration and insight on environmental issues, and to help people become more aware of the importance of an ecological and more sustainable lifestyle, making the world a better place, too.

          Fr. Al has given us a great responsibility to continue his EarthHealing mission - and so we will carry on! As we strive to find creative means to offer our readers the highest quality materials at minimal production cost, operation and maintenance of this website alone is a constant monthly expenditure. We ascribe to the principles of living simply through appropriate technology and operate on a very low budget with much donated labor. And that’s why we need the help of supporters like you now more than ever in our challenging times. Your donation, in the amount of your choice, will help to ensure that Fr. Al's work will continue - through this year and beyond.

          Thank you for your support, and your input and suggestions are always important to us.

Sincerely, The EarthHealing team

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Earth Healing, Inc.
Attn: Mark Spencer
241 Haiti Rd.
Berea, KY 40403

 Note: EarthHealing has moved from the sponsorship of the Kentucky Jesuit Mission to that of Fr. Al Fritsch’s original operation, Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest (ASPI).

Please reach out to us anytime at webperson@earthhealing.info



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