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Thanksgiving Letter 2019

         Once each year we extend special thanks for your much appreciated generosity and seek your continued support.  In this Thanksgiving season please remember us again; 2020 will be critical in the battle to curb climate change and accept the radical personal and governmental changes needed to save our threatened planet.  If you are like me, you have many requests for aid, but please remember that few others do so much with so little resources as does our Earthhealing team. 

         The call is clear: we must sound the environmental alarm to a nation and world, which is consumed with distractions and problems.  A few but not all are deeply concerned with the threat to our planet's vitality should the greenhouse effect continue unabated.  We must convince more, but need close collaboration among personal and extended communities, and that is much of our focus.  Fidelity and not immediate success motivates us to continue the struggle, for many are discouraged; we strive to give them hope that we will and must save our wounded Earth.  It's within the spiritual power of humanity to rise and solve this unique global problem, while in God we trust.  Renewable energy along with energy efficiency and conservation can change lifestyles -- but this requires effort by all.

         The current threat motivates us to action: for 15 years we have posted Daily Internet Reflections; each week we produce a new essay for Facebook, and a new monthly YouTube video seeks to enlighten the distracted public to the crisis facing our planet.  Our daily reflections with pertinent photos are received in at least 120 countries; our weekly writings have garnered many favorable comments; and our YouTube Channel now has over two thousand subscribers, which has doubled viewers this year (100,000+ on 58 topics). 

         Earthhealing is committed to do our part at the local, regional, national and global level.  Unless more is done in all arenas of individual practice and governance a catastrophe will soon envelop our world with rising global temperatures and crippling effects.  However, the poor can be liberators, and thus we give special attention to their empowerment.  Towards these efforts be assured that your donations are tax-exempt when directed either to "Kentucky Jesuit Missions" or this project "Earthhealing."   Thanks for helping us keep this unique public interest project thriving.                                 

Happy Thanksgiving,
Al Fritsch, SJ              

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