Globish (from the words "global" and "English") is becoming the widespread language of the business world that is used among non-Anglophones. This language was put together by Jean-Paul Nerriere who considered it "the world dialect of the third millennium." The "English-lite" 1,500 word listing is similar to what I.A. Richards did with 850 word "Basic English" for use in China in the 1920s. Another attempt has been "Anglic," but this does not use English words in their commonly spelled forms, and looks strange to many of us native-born English users. As a pastime for about 20 years, I have worked on a "Basic English" of about 1,200 words; this has been background work on my "Appalachian Word Listing."


English-speaking nations need to put resources into the communications process in order to equal the efforts of non-natives second language people. It is not fair that all second language-learning efforts be made by others especially from developing countries; far better that we learn to limit our global language in order to help them. Let's keep words basic and simple.


Our goal is to use "basic Globish" in our Internet Daily Reflections. Some might say that it will be limiting or "straight-jacketing" subjects that are being addressed. That is why it will take some time to choose those words, which prove most necessary and which to substitute. American speakers use about ten thousand words and writers twice that number; people in different professions have their own technical words. How about defining additional words when used? The future goal of limited but appropriate expression is for the benefit of a wide variety of people who read these reflections and consider English as a second language. Let's go half way?


The listing of my 1,500 basic "Globish" words (black-underlined) is quite similar to the existing Internet Globish listing (in bold letters). Some 195 words that have been added (++) (underlined), and 195 words that have been combined, removed or substituted by existing words are in bold (--). When the two listings are the same, the word is made bold and underlined (XX). When words are combined (e.g. with + in) or are forms of a basic stem (e.g., inform and "information"), we include both under one heading.


In addition, we list four groupings, or a total of 500 words:

76 commonly used American proper names;

127 American foods;

186 other American words such as business; and

111 regional plants and animals.


The 700+ grey-underlined major words (in caps) in The Penguin Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form (New York: Penguin Putnam, Inc., 2003) are included here or fitting substitutes made.


Globish Word Listing 1,500 words


ABLE -ness Power

ABOUT round about, about face


++ Absurd Absurdity

ACCEPT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able "acceptance" Consent


++ Access -es, -ed, -ing, Increase, Approach Arrival

-ible, "accession"

ACCIDENT -s, -al, -ally not essential

ACCOUNT -s , -ed, Accounting, -able Description

-- [Accuse] "Accusation" to fault, charge


ACT -s, -ual, -ually, -ed, -ing Activity lack of {on, up, with}

of doing "Action"

-- [Actor] lack of Inactivity

++ Active Activity

-- [Activist]

ADD -s, -ed, -ing "Addition" Increase Acquisition -al, -ally

++ Address -ed, -er, -ing Request Abode


ADMIT -s, -ed, -ing "admission"


++ Advance -s, -d, -r, -ing [progression] Approach, [promotion] Offer {in, on, to, with}

ADVERTISE -s, -d, -ing "advertisement," ad Publication

ADVISE s, -d, -ing, -or Advice

-- [Affect] = Influence, touch

-- [Afraid] = fearful

AFTER -wards = in back of

AGAIN a- and again, say it - Repetition

AGAINST over- [contraposition], Opposition, Disagreement

AGE -s, -ed, -ing, -less very old age = ancient

AGENCY -ies, + person = "Agent"

-- [Aggression] = warlike act


AGREE -s, -d, -ing, -able, ably "Agreement", lack of Discord

mutual a.Compromise, Assent, Conformity


-- [Aid] = help, financial support

AIM -s, -ed, -ing Intention -less

AIR y -s, - ness, -ing,-ed,-man [aeronaut] -plane; put on airs Boasting; -

craft {out Ventilation}

-- [Air Force] "military service"


-- [air+port]

++ Alarm -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Album] = collection

-- [Alive] = lively a + live

ALL Whole -blessed, -clear, -fired, fours, right, " almost, also,

although, altogether, All Holy, + most, + ready, +so, + though, +together,

-- [Ally] = fellow "Alliance" "united group"

-- [Almost] = all+ most

-- [Alone] = a + lone = single

-- [Along] = a + long = together with

-- [Already] = all + ready

-- [Also] = all + so

-- [Although = all + though

-- [Always] = all + ways



AMOUNT -s, -ed, -ing Quantity

-- [Anarchy] = no government

-- [Ancestor] = fore + bearer

-- [Ancient] very old


ANGER -s, angry, -ed, -ing Resentment bent Irracibility

ANGLE -s, -ed, -ing, -r, -ular Angularity = Elbow, slope, grade

-- [Angry] cf. anger

ANIMAL -s, science, sounds

ANNIVERSARY -ies = commemoration

ANNOUNCE -s, -er, -ed, -ing "annunciation'

-- [Another] an + other

ANSWER -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

ANY -body, one, place, time, thing

APOLOGIZE -s, -d, -r, -ing

-- [Appeal] = call for

APPEAR -s, -red, -red, -ring, "Appearance" = seem

APPLE -s fruit, Food

-- [Appoint] make, give official

++ Appropriate -ed, -ing, -ly Borrowing "appropriation"

APPROVE -s, -r, -d, -ing, -al Approbation, Consent, lack of = not okay

AREA -s Region

ARGUE -s, -d, -r, -ing, "argument"

ARM Arms -ed service, -ing, -hold

ARMY -ies

-- [Around] = nearly a + round = round about

ARREST -s, -er, -ed, -ing put in custody

ARRIVE -s, -d, r, -ing, Arrival

ART -s, -ful Cunning, lack in -fulness, maker "Artist"

-- [Artillery] Heavy guns, gun group


ASH -es - Wednesday, tree

ASK -s, Request -ed, -ing Ask sincerely

ASSIST -s, -ed, -ing, -ant "Assistance" Aid

ASTRONOMY - -cal, -icallly, -er

AT home


++ Atom -s "atomic"

-- [Attach] = tie, connect

ATTACK -s, -ed, -ing, -er

ATTEMPT -s, -ed, -ing,

ATTEND -s, -ed, -er, -ing, "Attention" [heed] Care;lack of Inattention

-- [Attention] cf. attend

++ Attract -s, -ed, -ing, "Attraction" pulling power, allurement


AUTOMATIC -ally [ "automation"


AUTUMN = fall season, late in life

AVERAGE -s, -d, -r, -ing Mediocrity

AVOID -s, -ed, -ing, -able "Avoidance"

AWAKE -s, awoke, -ing

-- [Award] = grant

++ Aware -ness Sensability = conscious

-- [Away] a + way Being away Absence

BABY -s, -ied, -ing

BACK Rear -s, -ed, -ing [cf support],

-er, -board, -ground, -wards


BAD -ly, Badness, time [untimeliness], times Adversity

example [disreputable person], lands, name Disrepute

BAG -s, -ger, -ging, -ged, -man, -woman = sack, capture

BALANCE -s, -ing, -d, -r Symmetry, [counter-]; lack of


BALLOON -s, -ed, -ing

BALLOT -s, -ed, -ing = cast vote

BAN -s, -ned, -ner = forbid

BANK -s, -er, -ing, -ed, note,

BAR -s, shaft -red, -ring

BARRIER -s = block + age, stronghold = obstacle

BASE Cause -s, -d, -ing -less "Basic" -ness

BASKET -s, -ball

BATTLE -s = fight "battleground"

BE am, are, is, was, were, been, will, WOULD, shall, should

++ Bear -s, -er Agent,-ly, -able, -ing, bore, borne against, out,

through, up, with

BEAT -s, -er, -ing [repeated sound] n. = Drum, v. = Whip

BEAUTIFUL "Beauty" fully


BECOME -s, became, -ing

BED -s, -ded, -ding -ding, -room

BEFORE -hand Priority = in front of

BEGIN -s, -ner, began, begun Beginning

BEHIND -in back of; behind time

BELIEVE -s, -r, -d, -ing, "Belief", true, false, lack of Incredulity

BELL -ringer, sound

BELONG -s, -ed, -ing

BELOW -ground,

BEND -s Deviation -er, bent Tendency, -ing

-- [Best] superlative of "good"

-- [Betray] reveal, deceive -er = turncoat

-- [Better] comparative of "good"

BETWEEN = in space separating two things

BIG -ger, -gest, -ness b-hearted Liberality

BILL -s, -ed, -ing Receiving


BIOLOGY -ical, -ically, -ist

BIRD -s, -ed, -ing = flying animals -er

BIRTH -s, Beginning -ed, -ing High - Nobility

BITE -s, -er, bit -ting

++ Bitter -s, -ly,-ness Unsavoriness [resentment] = anger

BLACK -s, -ness Color, market [illicit business]

BLADE -s, -ed, -less, of grass

BLAME Accusation, -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -ful, -lessness Innocence, Guilt

-- [Blanket] = heavy cover

++ Bless -s, -ed, -edness, -ing

BLEED -s, bled, -ing

BLIND Blindness -s, -ed, -ing, -ly [blind faith]

BLOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing Hindrance, put a block

BLOOD y -ed, -ing Relation "kin"

BLOW -s, blew, blown, -ing, {out, up = Blast, swell}

BLUE -ing -ness Color blue blood Nobility

BOARD -s, Food, Provision [tribunal] -ed, -ing

++ Boast -s, -ed, Boasting, -ful

BOAT -s, -ing, [watercraft]

BODY -ies Parts

++ Bold -er, -est, -ly, -ness Courage Defiance

make bold = dare

BOMB -s, -ed, -er, -ing {out}

++ Bond -s, -er, -ed Subjection; -ing; [securities]

BONE -s, -d, -ing -less, -dry

BOOK -s, -ed, -er, -ing Good - Sacred Writings

BORDER -s, -ed, -ing


BORROW -s, -er, -ed, Borrowing


BOTTLE -s, -r, -d, -ing cf. container

BOTTOM -s, -ed, man, place, side

++ Bow -s, = bulge

BOX -es, -er, -ed, -ing -ed off, up

BOY -s

-- [Boycott] refusal to deal with

BRAIN -s, -less

BRAKE -s, -ed, -ing Cane-

BRANCH -s, -ed, -ing [stream] [divergence]

-- [Brass] metal

-- [Brave] cf. Bold

BREAD -s, -ed Food

BREAK -s, broke, broken,-ing,-able Brittleness, [disjuncture] -fast

{at, for, in, off, out, over, through, up Divorce, disintegration], with}

BREATHE -s, -d, -r, -ing Vapor, Touch; take a breath

++ Breed -s, -er,bred,-ing Domestication, Reproduction, Posterity

BRICK -s, -ed, -ing

BRIDGE -s, -d, -ing, -hold

BRIEF -s, -ed, -ing, -ly,-ness, -ing, [compendium]

BRIGHT -ly, -ness [cheerfulness] [pleasantness]

BRING -s, brought, -ing {in, off, out, over, to light Disclosure, up, with}

++ Broad -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness Breadth, -mindedness = wide

-- [Broadcast] Broad + cast

BROTHER -s, -ly

BROWN -ness Color

BRUSH -es, Touch -ed, -ing

++ Bubble -s, -d, -r, -ing

BUDGET -s, -ted, -ting

BUILD -s, built, "Building," -er, {in, on, over, with, up}

-- [Building] cf, build


BURN -s, -ed, -ing {off, on, out, over, through, up, with}


BURY -ies, -ied,-ing, -ial Internment

BUS -es, -ed, -ing

BUSINESS -es, -like -man

BUSY -ier, iest, busyness,

BUT for Exclusion

BUTTER -s, -ed, -ing

BUTTON -s, -ed, -ing, type of fastener

BUY -s, -er, bought, -ing for, in, off [bribery], out, up

BY bystanders

CABINET -s key administrators

++ Calendar -s

CALL -s, -er, -ed, -ing

CALM -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, -er, -est -ness


CAMP -s, -er, -ed, -ing [military]

CAMPAIGN -s, -ed, -er, -ing [expedition][drive]

CAN could -s, -ned, -ning, -ner

CANCEL "cancellation" -s, -led, cancelling

CANCER Disease



-- [Capture] = take hold of, bag, take prisoner

CAR -s

CARD -s, -ed, -ing -carrying

CARE -s, -r, -d, -ing, -ful,-fulness, -less, -lessness, lack of

-- [Careful]

-- [Carriage] = railroad car, car, carrier

CARRY -ies, -ier Agent, -ied, -ing over, up

CASE -s, -ed, -ing, Lawsuit

CASH -es Payment -ier, -ed, -ing

++ Cast -s, -eer, -ing {about, forth, down, in, off, out, up}

CAT -s, -ted, -ting, -call, tails,

CATCH -es, -er, -ing, caught {up [implication] {on, over, up, with} = trap

CAUSE -s, -d, -ing, Attribution

CELEBRATE -s, -ed, -ing "Celebration" Rite

++ Cell -s stem -, - phone

CENTER -s, -ed, -edness, -ing; -ral, -ly, = focus


CEREMONY -ies -ial, ially

CERTAIN -ly, -ness "Certainty" = SURE

CHAIN -s, -ed, -ing, less Continuity = Series

CHAIR + MAN -woman -s, -ed, -ing,

++ Challenge Command -s, -r, -d, -ing, c. to fight Defiance

-- [Champion] = key prized one

CHANCE -s, -d, -ing Gambling

CHANGE -s, -d, -r,-ing,-able, Changeableness, Transientnes over

CHARGE -s, -er,-ed, -ing, -able Commission, Accusation, Command

-- [Chase] go after

++ Check -s Restraint -ed, -ing - point, -money order

CHEER -y, -ed, -er, -ing, -ful, Cheerfulness, -leader,(on, up, with}

CHEESE -s y Soft, white, yellow

CHEMICAL -s Inorganic Matter; Organic Matter

CHEMISTRY = Study of chemical action

CHEST -s, -nut, full c.= breast Convexity

CHIEF -s, -ly Authority

CHILD children, Youth -like

CHOOSE -s, -y chose, chosen -s, -ing, "Choice"

CHURCH -s, -ed, -ing

CIRCLE -s, -ing, -d, -ular, "Circularity"

CITIZEN -s Inhabitant upstanding person

CITY -ies Abode

-- [Civilian] non-military

CLAIM -s, -er, -ed, -ing

-- [Clash] = fight

CLEAN -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing, Cleanness lack of Impurity {out, up}

CLEAR -s, -er, -est, -ing -ness

CLIMATE -s "climatic"

CLIMB -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able {in, on, out, over, up, with}

CLOCK -s, -ed, -er, -ing

CLOSE -s, -d, -ing Closure, Act of enlosing Enclosure

CLOTH -s, -es, -ed. -er Clothing the cloth = Clergy

CLOUD y Cloudiness -ed, -ing Opacity

COAL -s Fuel

COAST -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -al Coast Guard

COAT -s, -ed, -ing Covering [hair]


COLD -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness

COLLAR -s, -ed, -ing

COLLECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing -able "collection"

COLLEGE -s, -ial, ially

COLONY ies, -ial, ially

COLOR -s, -ed, -ing {on, up} different c. Variegation

COMBINE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Combination" = combo

COME -s, -er, -ing, came, {after Sequence, back, by, for, in, into

off, on, out, over, together [merge], up to Approach [imminence]

COMFORT -s Content -ed, -ing, -er, -able, ably

COMMAND -s, -ed, -ing "commandment"

COMMENT -s, -ed, -ing, -able


COMMON -s-er, -est, -ly, -ness Mediocrity -al [commonality]

COMMUNICATE -s, -d, -ing, -er, "Communication"-s


COMPANY -ies [Association] Accompaniment [group] = fellow

COMPARE -s, -d, -r, -ing, -able "Comparison"

COMPETE -s, -d, -ing "competition"

COMPLETE -s, -ly, -ness "Completion" lack of -ed,-ing, lack of c. Incompleteness, = finish

COMPLEX -ed, -ing "complexity"

COMPROMISE -s, -d, -r, -ing

COMPUTE -s Computers -ed, -ing

CONCERN -s, -ed, -ing = anxiety

CONDEMN -s, -ed, -ing "Condemnation" Disappropriation

CONDITION -s, Circumstance, -ing, -ed, -er, Qualification -al,-ally, lack of

++ Conduct -or, -ed, -ing lack of Wrong

CONFERENCE -s, -ed, -ing

++ Confess -s, -ed, -or, -ing, Disclosure "confession"

CONFIRM -s, -ed, -ing, "confirmation"

CONGRATULATE -s, -d, r, -ing, "Congratulation"

-- [Congress] [shifted to appendix] national law-making body

CONNECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Connection"

++ Conserve -s, -d, -r, -ing "conservation"


CONSIDER -s, -ed, -ing "consideration" regard

++ Consume -s, -d, -r, -ing, -able, take up "consumption"

CONTAIN -s, -er, -ers Receptacle -ed, -ing, fact of being c Inclusion

++ Content -s -ed, self-c. not Discontent


CONTINUE -s, -ed, -ing, not Discontinuance, -ual, c. living = survive

++ Contract -s, -or, -ed, -ing "Contraction," Promise = shrink

CONTROL -s, Restraint, self- Aceticism, -ling, -ler, -ed, Moderation

CONVENTION -s, "form or correctness;" "formal gathering"

COOK -s, -er, -ed, -ing {for, on, to, up, upon, with} out

COOL -s, -ing,-ed, -ness Indifference,-er [Refrigeration] {down, off}

COOPERATE -s, -d, -ing "Cooperation"

COPY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing {after Imitation, out} copyright

-- [Cork] = stopper

CORN -s -y = Food, grain

CORRECT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, able "Correction" Penitence

COST -s, -ing, costly = high - Dearness

COTTON -s, -ed, -ing type of fiber

COUNT -s, -ed, -er, -ing Numeration -less, lessly {for, in, off, on = depend, out, over, through, up}

++ Counter -s, -ed, -ing - blow Retaliation -ed, -ing, - group, -action Opposition, -act, balance, order, service, -step,

COUNTRY -ies the country music, -side,

COURT -s Council -ed, -ing, -ly, -liness [dignity]

COVER -s, -ed, Covering {off, on, over, up} -alls

COW -s, -ed, -ing [bully]

++ Crack -s -er, -ers, -ed, -ing Interval

++ Craft -s, -ed, -ing y Cunning

CRASH -s, -ed, -er, -ing

CREATE -s, -or, -d, -ing Cause "creation" Sculpture


CREDIT -s, Attribution -or, -s, -ed, -ing, -able

-- [Crew] = working team, group

CRIME -s Illegality, vice criminal

-- [Criminal]

CRISIS crises

CRITIC -s, "criticize"

++ Cross -s, -ed, Crossing, purposes

CRUSH -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

CRY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing Lamentation {in, out [stridor], over}

CULTURE -s, -d, -ing Taste -d, -al

CUP -s, -ped, -ping full Destiny

CURE -s, -d, -er, -ing Remedy -all, -less

CURRENT -s, -ly = events

++ Curse -s, -ed, -ing Imprecation

CURTAIN -ed window dressing

CUSTOM =s, -ed Habit -ual, ually, break h.

CUT -s, -ter = scissors, -ting [notch][snub] {down Disappropriation,

in, off, on, out, over, through, to, up = comic}

DAMAGE -s, -d, -ing complete d- Destruction

DANCE -s, -d, -r, -ing


DARK -ly, -er, -est, Darkness

DATE -s, -ed, -ing


DAY -s, -ily, -dream

DEAD -ly "Death"

-- [Deaf] without hearing

DEAL -s, -t, -er, -ing -out, - with, = bargain

DEAR -er, -est, -ly, Dearness = Costly

DEBATE -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able

DEBT -s, -ed, -or, -ing

DECIDE -s, -d, -er, -ing, "decision"

DECLARE -s, -d, -r, -ing, "declaration"

DECREASE -s, -d, -ing

++ Deed -s, -ed, -ing Action - over

DEEP -er, -est, -ly, -ness Depth

DEFEAT -s, -ed, -ing = conquer,

DEFEND -s, -ed, -or, -ing "defensive," "Defense"


DEFINE -s, -d, -r, -ing "definition"

DEGREE -s, -d -ing

-- [delay] put off


++ Deliver -s, -ed, -ing, -y person

DEMAND -s, -ed, -ing Business


DEMONSTRATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Demonstration"

-- [Denounce] = speak against

DENY -ies, ied, -ing,-ial Rejection, Refusal, Prohibition, Moderation

lack of Intemperance

DEPEND -s, -ed, -ing "Dependent" -ly, -ness not

-- [Deploy] station military, spread out

DEPRESS -s, -ed, -ing, "Depression"

DESCRIBE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Description"

DESERT -s, -ed, -ing = drylands, = abandon

DESIGN -s Intention, Representation, -er, -ed, -ing

++ Designate -s, -ed, -ing "designation" Indication

DESIRE -s, -d, -ing; -ableness Expedience, strongly [eagerness]

DESTROY -s, -ed, -er, -ing act of Destruction

DETAIL -s, -ed, -ing Circumstance

DEVELOP -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Development"


++ Devote -s, -ed, -ing, -edness Piety, lack of Impiety "devotion"

DICTATOR -s, -ial = arbitrary, absolute ruler

DIE -s, -d, -ying

DIET -s, -ed, -er, -ing

DIFFERENT -ly, -ness "Difference" = vary

DIG -s, -ger, dug, -ging strip = Ditch

++ Dim -s, -med, ming, -mer, -mest, -ly, Dimness


DIPLOMAT -s, "diplomatic"

DIRECT -s, -ed, -ing Director, -ly; in + indirectness Circuity

DIRECTION -s, -al, [Management]

DIRT Dirty Uncleanness

DISAPPEAR -s, -ed, -ing "Disappearance"

-- [Disarm] = Take away arms

++ Discipline -s, Punishment -d, -ing spiritual

DISCOVER -s, -ed, -er, -ing "discovery" Disclosure

-- [Discuss] = talk, talk over, talk through

DISEASE -s, -d


-- [Dismiss] = send away

++ Dispose -s, -d, -ing, -al Use Arrangement

-- [Dispute] = fight with words

-- [Dissident] = opposing person

DISTANCE -s, -d, -ing between Interval

DIVIDE -s, -d, -r, -ing Apportionment "division"

DO -es, -er -ing, did, done

DOCTOR -s, -ed, -ing [therapy]

DOCUMENT -s, -ed, -ing papers

DOG -s, -ged, -ging Sequence

-- [Dollar] shifted to American Money

DOOR -s frame, Opening, stop, way

++ Double -s, -ing,-ed, Interchange, meaning [ambiguity]

DOUBT -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -less Incredulity

DOWN -s, -er, -ing, -ed -side, -ward, -cast Depression

DRAIN [consumption][big demand] -ed, -ing

++ Draw -s, -er, drew, drawn, -ing; Traction, Attraction {back

Inexpedience, out, off, up} Withdraw

DREAM -s, -ed, -ing, -er Imagination

DRESS -es, -er, -ed, -ing {down, up}

DRINK -s, -er, drank, drunk [intoxication] Drinking, -able {in, up}

DRIVE -s, -r, drove, driven, -ing,-able, {back Repulsion, in, out, through}

DROP -s, -per,-ped,-ping {by, in, off Decrease out, over, to}

DRUG Drugs -superabundance -ged =addict, -ging, -store

DRY -ies, -ied, -ier, -est, -ly, Dryness, -land = desert

++ Due -s, -ly -ness Rightness lack of

++ Dull -s, -ed, -ing,-er,-est, -ness bluntness, Ignorance


DUST [soil] y -ed, -er, -ing

DUTY -ies, -ful, less Liability

EACH one, place, time

EAR -s, ear ring, earmark

EARLY Earliness bird

EARN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

EARTH -s, -ly, liness

EASE - -s. Facility,-y, -ed, -ing Relief, -iness [informality]

EAST Direction bound, side, ward, wind

-- [Easy] ease + y

EAT -s, ate eaten -ing

ECOLOGY -ical, ically, -ist Environment study

ECONOMY -ies, "Economic"

EDGE -s, -r, extreme border, sharp e. Pungency -d, -ing

EDUCATION -s "learning"

EFFECT -s, -ed, -ing, effectual, -lly

EFFORT -s Exertion

EGG -s, -ed, -ing Food

EIGHT -th # eighteen = eight + teen #

++ eighty #


ELASTIC Elasticity lack of Inelasticity

++ Elect -s, -or, -ed, -ing, -able [elite] "election"


++ Electric -ly Electricity heater, service, system,

++ Electronic Electronics -ly "email"

++ Element -s, -al Composition, constitution]




EMERGENCY [timeliness]

++ Emit -s, -ted, -ter, -ting, -able "emission"

EMOTION -s,-al, -ally

EMPLOY -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able

EMPTY -ies, -ier, iest, -ness [ejection]

END -s, -ed, -ing, -less, lessness Perpetuity, -game,

point, run

ENEMY -ies = hostile

ENERGY -s Vigor

-- [Enforce] = regulate, police

ENGINE -s, search - -ering

ENGINEER -s, -ing, -ed

ENJOY -s, -ed, -ing "Enjoyment"

ENOUGH Sufficiency not e. Insufficiency cf wanting]

ENTER Ingress -s, -ed, -er, -ing

ENVIRONMENT -s, al, -ally

++ Envy -ies, -ied, -ing Jealousy

EQUAL -s, -ed, -ing, Equality, -ly, ness, lack of Inequality


-- [Escape] = get away


++ Essence -s, -tial, tially

ESTABLISH -s, -ed, -er, -ing "establishment"

ESTIMATE -s, -d, -r, -ing "estimation"


EVAPORATE -s, -ed, -ing "evaporation" = Disappearance

EVEN -s even-ing -ed,-ly,-ness Uniformity lack of

EVENT -s, Occasion -ual, ually

EVER -lasting = timeless -ness

EVERY -body, one, place, time, way, where,


EVIL -s, Evildoer, -doing, spirit Demon

++ Evolve -s, -ed, -ing "evolution"

EXAMINE -s, -ed, -er, -ing "examination"

EXAMPLE -s -ar

-- [Excellent] = highest quality

EXCEPT -ed, -ing "exception"

EXCHANGE -s, -er, -ed, -ing "switch" Barter, Substitution


EXCUSE -s, -d, -ing Vindication

-- [Execute] Put into effect "execution

EXERCISE s, -d, -r, -ing

EXILE -s, -d, -r, -ing Displacement

EXIST -s, -ed, -ing Existence state of being, lack of Nonexistence Presence, [life]

-- [Expand] "Expansion" = spread out over

-- [Expect] "Expectation" long for, look for, wait for

EXPERIENCE -s, Sensibility, Knowledge, -d person, -ing

EXPERIMENT -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -al, -ally = Trial


EXPLAIN -s, -ed, -er, -ing "explanation"

EXPLODE -s, -d, -ing "explosion"

EXPLORE -s, -d, -r, -ing "exploration"

EXPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "exportation"

EXPRESS -s, -ed, -ing "expression"

-- [Extend] = spread over

EXTRA -s, -ordinary, price, value Addition, adj. = spare


EYE -s, -d,-ing, doctor, glasses, medicine, trouble Optical Instrument

FACE -s, -d, -ing -lift {in, off, on, out, up}

FACT -s, -ual, -ually, -finding


++ Fade s, -d Colorlessness, -ing {out Invisibility, through}

FAIL -s, -ed, -ing Failure Neglect

FAIR -s, -ly, -ness [justice] Moderation

++ Faith -s, -ful, -fully, -fulness, -less, -lessly,-lessness Credulity

FALL s, fell, -ing {at, back [relapse] by, down

Descent, in, off, -ing out Discord, over, under, with}

FALSE -ly, -ness ; Falsehood, false coloring -hood, lack of Improbity

false show Affectation

FAMILY -ies Posterity

-- [Famous] = notable

++ Fancy -ies, -ier,-iest,-iness; passing f.[caprice]; fancywork

FAR -ther, thest Distance off, out -[sight]

FAST -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -est, -ness "Fasten"

FAT -s, -ty -ted, -ter, -test

FATHER -s -ly, -liness -hood Ancestry

++ Fault -s, -ed, -ing, y vision, -ful,-less Perfection, [cleft]

FEAR -s, -d, -ing, -ful = anxiety -less weakhearted]

FEATHER -s, -ed, -ing

FEED -s, fed, -ing, -er

FEEL -s, Feeling = sensation, felt, {up, with} -ing Intuition

[emotion], lack of Sensibility

++ Fellow -s, confederate; good; -ship - traveler


++ Fence -s, Enclosure -r, -d, -ing, less


FEW -er, -est, ness - words [uncommunicativeness]

++ Fiber -s, -ed types = natural, synthetic Filament

FIELD Arena -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Fierce] = very mean

-- [Fifteen] = five + teen #

-- [Fifth] cf. five


FIGHT Contention -s, -er Combatant, -fought, -ing [disaccord]

++ File -s, -ing Continuity

FILL -s, -ed, -er, -ing [satiety]

-- [Film] = moving picture, movie

-- [Final] = last

FINANCE -s, -d, -ing, -er, -ial, ially,

FIND -s, -er, found, -ing [discovery] [solution] {out}

FINE -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness = delicate

FINGER -s, -ed, -ing -pointing Attribution

-- [finish] = complete

FIRE -s, -d, -ing, engine, man, station, proof Incombustibility

FIRM -s, -ing, -ed, -er, -est, -ly, firmness Resolution,

FIRST -s, Beginning, -ly, Priority, first in order Precedence

FISH -es, -y -ness Improbability -ed,-ing, -er, -erman, -erperson, -able

FIST -s, -ed, tight - = clenched hand

FIT -s, -ting,-ted,-ful,-ness Irregularity

Expedience, lack of Inexpedience {at, by, in, to}

FIVE -s, -th # fifteen = five + teen #

FIX -es, Arrangement-ed -ed Stability, Permanence -er,-ing,-able {over, up Restoration, with}

FLAG -s, [insignia] -ged, -ger, -ging

++ Flash -s, -ed, -er, -ing Instant

FLAT -s -ly, -er, -est, -ness

FLOAT -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -able [buoy]

++ Flood -s, -ed, -ing, -plain

FLOOR -s, -er, -ed, -ing

FLOW -s, Diffuseness -ed, -ing small flow "stream"

FLOWER y -ed, -ing

-- [Fluid] = Liquid

FLY -ies -ier,-ing [aeronautics] flew, flown, {from, in, off Excitability

out, to, up, with} science of flying Aviation

FOG -s, -gy -ier, -est, -ged, -ging, fogginess [opaqueness]

++ Fold -s, -er, -ed, -ing {in, out, over, up, with}

FOLLOW -s,-er,-ed,-ing {on, up Pursuit} Sequence

FOOD See American Foods

-- [Fool] = foolish person

FOOLISH -ness Folly, person [fool] [dupe]

FOOT feet, -ed, -ing, body part, -note

FOR -ward

FORBID -s forbad, forbidden, [strictness]; -ding = prohibition

FORCE -d, -r, -ing, ful not - [uninfluentiality]

++ Fore -arm, bear, -cast Prediction, finger, -gone

predetermination], head, runner, [precursor], -see, -shadow. sight

FOREIGN -er stranger

FOREST -s, -ed, -er, -ing = woodlands

FORGET -s, -got, gotten, -ing, -ful, fulness

FORGIVE -s, -er, gave, given, -ing, Forgiveness, Acquittal = pardon

FORM -s, -al [formality] -ed,-ing,-er,-erly,-less,-lessness; Formlessness

-- [Former] = one before

FORTY -s #

-- [Forward] = for + ward

FOUR -s, -th # -fold fourteen = Four + teen #

FRAME -s, -r, -d, -ing of mind [mental attitude] {up}

FREE -es, -er,-est,-d,-ing, -ly, -ness [gratuitousness]

time, act of freeing Liberation


FREEZE -s, froze, frozen, -er, able

FRESH -er,-est, -ness, -ly {up Refreshment}

FRIEND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, liness -ship

FRIGHTEN -s, -ed, -ing , -er


FRONT -s, -ed, -ing, line, page {at, up to, upon]

++ Frost -s, y -ed, -ing [semitransparency]

FRUIT -s, -ed, -ful, not f- [unproductiveness],-less; -y, -iness

FUEL -s, -ed, -ing,

FULL Sufficiency, -ly, -ness Resonance, Loudness

fulfill = satisfy

FUN -s, Amusement -ny , funniness

++ Furnish -es, -ed, -ing Furniture

++ Furrow -s -ed, -ing trench, wrinkle

FUTURE -s Futurity Posterity

GAIN -s, -ed, -ing, -er Acquisition = achieve

GAME -s, -d, -ing of chance Gambling

GARDEN -s, -ed, -ing

GAS -es, -sed, -sing Vapor

++ Gate -s, -ed, -ing, [receipts] -way = entrance

GATHER Assemblage -s, -er, -ed, -ing "harvest" Council

++ Gear -s, -ed, -ing Provision

GENERAL -s, -ly, -ness Generality

GET -s, got, gotten, -ing {away Escape, by, back, even, hold Acquisition

in, off, on, out, over, up, with} away, Haste, obtain,

get out of order [disarrangement]

GIFT -s, -ed, -ing

GIRL -s, -like, = young woman

GIVE Giving, -s, gave, -en {back [restitution] in, off, out, over, up

giving up Relinquishment}

GLASS y -es Optical Instrument -ed, -ing

++ Globe -s, -al

GO -es, -er, went, gone,-ing {away Disappearance, before [precedence],

between [mediation], in Insertion, off, on [continue], out,

Egress over, through, to, up, with}


GOD Deity -ly Piety -like All Holy gods Mythical Dieties

GOLD Color, metal

GOOD -s [merchandise] -ly, -liness, Goodness, name Repute

times Prosperity, taste Elegance (better, best); [make good]

GOVERN -s, -ed, -ing, governor, "government," governed

-- [Government] -al, -ally

++ Grace -s, -ed,-ing,-less,-ly,-ful,-ly,[discrimination][excellence]

++ Grain y -s, -ed, -ing Texture

++ Grant -s, -ed, -ing Qualification = award

GRASS y -es, -ed plants

++ Grave -s, -ed Gravity -ly -stone, very grave Severity v. Engraving

GRAY -ness Color

GREAT -s, Greatness -ly Repute = grand

GREEN -s, -ed, -ing -ness Color power

GROUND Cause -s, -ed, -ing, -less, level, water,

GROUP -s, -ed, -ing together Assemblage, Council

GROW Increase, -s, grew, grown,-up = adult, -ing {out, up, with} worse

Deterioration, "Growth" natural - [evolution]

GUARANTEE -s, -d, -ing guarantor

GUARD -s, -ed, -ing [safeguard]

GUIDE -s, -d, -ing -post

GUILT -s, y -iness, -less, clearing of g. Vindication

GUN -s, -ner, -ned, -ning

HAIR y -s, -ed, -less = bald, - brush, oil,

HALF -ves, -ved, -ving, -baked, blood, breed, measures, past, truth

-- [Halt] = stop

HAND -s, -ed, -ing Clap -hold, -some {down, over, up} [upper hand]

HANG -s,-er, -ed, -ing Pendency, h.back = lack of Resolution

HAPPEN -s, -ed, -ing Effect, Occurrence, happening = incident

HAPPY -er,-est,-ly -ness [cheerfulness] -New Year's, -birthday

HARD -er, -est, -ly = dissimilarity, Hardness, -ship Adversity, Difficulty

to please [fastidiousness] {up} hardly ever

++ Harm -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -fully, -less, -lessly [hurt]

HARMONY -s Symmetry [harmonics]

HAT -s, -ted, -ting

HATE -s, -d, -ing, -r -ful, -fully

HAVE has, had, -ing, -r

HE his, him -self

HEAD -s, -ed,-ing,-less, -way Improvement -strong, strongness Obstinacy

{back, off, on, over, up}

-- [headquarters] = head + quarters = main office

HEAL -s, -ed, -ing, -er

HEALTH y -ier, -iest

-- [Healthy] cf. health

HEAR -s, heard, -er, Hearing

HEART -s, -felt,

HEAT -s, -ed, -er, -ing

++ Heaven -s -ly

HEAVY -ier, -iest


++ Hell -s, -fire, -like

HELP -s, Aid -er Auxiliary, -ful, -less

-- [her] cf. She

++ Herb -s, -al, alist

HERE -in, on, -ness Presence, to, with

-- [hers] cf. She

HIDE -s, -hid, hidden Latency, -er, Concealment

HIGH -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness Height -chair, -land, -light, -place,-

point, -way

-- [Hijack] = take by force

HILL y -s, -ed, -ing -iness {in, over, under}

-- [him] cf. He

-- [his] cf. He

HISTORY -ies, -ical, ically, Description

HIT -s

HOLD -s, -er, held,-ing back Restraint [possession] {back = Hindrance out,

to Tenacity, up}= grip

HOLE -s,

HOLIDAY -s = Vacation

HOLLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -ness [resonance]; bowl -er, -ed, -ing

HOLY -ies, Diety godly, lack of - table = altar, - walkway = aisle

- person = saint, - place = shrine

HOME Abode -s, -d, -ing, -ly Simpleness {in} place, -ward


HONOR -s, Celebration, special event] -ed, -ing- able

++ Hook -s, Deception, Curvature[lure] -er, -ed, -ing

HOPE -s, -d, -ing, -ful, -fulness, -less, hopelessness

-- [Horrible] = very bad

HORSE -s, -back -drawn, fly, hair, -less, -like, -man, power, shoe

v. around


-- [Hostage] = prisoner held for price

-- [Hostile] = enemy

HOT -s [heat] -ter, -test, -ly, -ness -bed


HOUR -s, -ly, glass, worker

HOUSE -s, Abode -ing, -ed -cleaning, -hold, -wife

HOW -ever, -soever

-- [However] how + ever

++ Hug -s, Endearment -ger, -ged, -ging -able

-- [Huge] = very large

HUMAN -s Humanity

HUMOR -s, -ed, -ing, -er good h- Cheerfulness Wit


HUNGER -s, -ed, -ing "hungry"

HUNT -s, -er, -ed, -ing

HURRY -ies, -ied, -ier, -ing hurriedness -up Haste

HURT Pain, -s, -ing, -ful, fully


I me, mine, my

ICE -s, -r, -d, -ing Icy -filled, condition

IDEA -s, ideal, -ly

-- [Identify] "indentification" = point out, finger

IF -s, -fy

ILL -s, -ness, -legal, -made, -nature, -service, -shaped, -use [misuse]

ill will Malevolence

-- [Illegal] = Ill + legal

IMAGINE -s, -d, -ing "Imagination"


IMPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "importation"

IMPORTANT -ly Importance, Intrinsic, lack of Unimportance

IMPROVE -s, -ed, -ing "Improvement"

++ Impulse -s

IN to, -ner, -let [gulf] -side Interior, -side out Inversion, -

coming Arrival -doors, inward, in-law [affinity]

-- [Incident] = happening

INCLUDE -s, -ed, -ing "Inclusion"

INCREASE -s, Addition, Expansion -d, -ing,

-ingly bad worse, irritate, upset swell



INDUSTRY - ies, -ial, -ially

INFECT -s, -ed, -ing "infection"

INFLATE -s, -ed, -ing "inflation"

INFLUENCE -s,-d, -ing, -ial, -ially = affect

INFORM -s, -ed, -ing "Information" Curiosity -al, -ally [give notice]

-- [Information] Cf. inform

-- [Inject] = cast into = shoot

-- [injure] cf hurt

++ Ink -s, -ed, -ing

-- [Innocent] faultless, blameless

-- [insane] = out of mind, mindless

++ insect -s, winged, biting,

INSPECT -s, -ed, -ing, -or "inspection" = look into

-- [Instead] = in place of

++ Institution -s, -al

INSTRUMENT -s, -al, ally music - banjo, flute, horn, piano, violin

INSULT -s, -ed, -ing, -ingly = offensive

INSURANCE -s Security

++ Intellect -s, -ual,-ly "Intelligence" -er, - test = bright

-- [Intelligence] cf Intellect

-- [Intense] very strong, violent

INTEREST -s, -ed, -ing, take i. Curiosity, lack i. Indifference

-- [Interfere] mix into


-- [Into] in + to

INVADE -s, -ed, -er, -ing "invasion"

INVENT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "invention" Imagination, Fiction = make believe

INVEST -s, -ed, -ing, -or, "investment"

INVESTIGATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Investigation" "FBI"

INVITE -s, -d, -ing "invitation"

INVOLVE -s, -ed, -ing "involvement"

IRON -s, -ed, -ing iron nerves [unnervousness]; will

++ Irritate -s, -ed, -ing "irritation"

ISLAND -s, -er, [seclusion]

ISSUE -s, -d, -ing

IT its

-- [its]

JACKET -s, -ed, -ing, over,

JAIL -s, -ed, -ing, -er [confinement]

JEWEL -s, -ed

Job -s, -ber = work

JOIN -s, -ed, -ing Junction, = Band -ed, -ing {together}

JOINT -s, -ly correlation, mutual

JOKE -s, -d, -r, -ing

++ Joy -s, -ful, -less give Rejoicing

JUDGE -s, -d, -ing Judgment [fore-J], false or poor Misjudgment

JUMP Leap -s, -er, -ed, -ing {at [eagerness] for, in, off, on, out, over, through, to, under, up}

JURY -s - duty

JUST -ly, -ness

++ Justice, -s, lack of Injustice

KEEP Retention -s, -er,-ing lack of -in line

Conformity, cool [inexcitability]

KEY -s, -ed, -ing = chief, principal

KICK -s, -ed, -ing Excitement Oust = kick out, kick = chuckle

KILL -s, -er, -ed, Killing

KIND -er, -est, -ly, kindness Benevolence, lack of

KISS -es Touch -er -ed, -ing {off}

-- [Kit] package,

++ Knee -s, -d -ing [angle]

KNIFE -ves, -d, -ing

++ Knock -s, -ed, -er, -ing {on, out, over} [bang]

++ Knot -s, -ty -ed, -ing; Distortion

KNOW -s, knew, known, -ing, -er

KNOWLEDGE lack of-

LABOR -s, -er, -ing, union


LACK -s, -ed, -ing [incompleteness];

Absence, of hearing Deafness


LAKE -s Water

LAND -s, -ed, -ing, -less


LARGE -er, -est, -ly, -ness; l. heart [generosity] l.number Multitude

LAST -ed, -ing, -ingness Durability

LATE -r, -st, Lateness

LAUGH -s, -ed, -ing, -able {at Ridicule, off, over, with} -ing stock

LAW -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -fulness -less, lessness , -making body

[legislature, congress] person [lawyer], Lawsuit

++ Lay -s, Layer laid, lain, -ing, {away, in, off, out, with} -over

-man, -woman, -person Laity

LEAD -s, -er, -ing, led [preceding] {in, off, on, out, over, through, to}

++ Leaf -ves, -ved, -ving [sheet] {out, through}

LEAK -s, -ed, -ing

++ Lean -s, -ed, -ing [obliquity], Tendency -er, -est = muscle

LEARN -s, -er [student], -ed person Intellect, Learning

LEAVE -s, left, -ing Departure, [abandonment]

{back, in, off, on, out = omit Exclusion, through, with}

LEFT -handed, side -over Remainder, surplus

LEG -s, -ging, -ed -room

LEGAL -ly, -ness Legality authority [jurisdiction] lack of-


LEND -s, lent, -ing, -er

LESS Deduction

++ Let -s, -ting, {out Ejection go Discontinuity, Relinquishment} rent

LETTER -s, -ed, -ing

LEVEL -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing = equalize, cf flat


LIE -s, liar, lied, lying,

LIFE -ves, -er. -giving. -saving, -time

LIFT -s, -ing,-ed Elevation elevator

LIGHT -s, -ly, -er, -est, -ness in weight Levity, -ed, -ing

- house, - year

LIKE -s, -d, -ing,-able, -ly, -lihood [probable], lack of Improbability

-ness; [comparison] not l. Dislike

LIMIT -s, -ing Qualification, -ed, -less Infinite, "limitation" Circumscription

LINE -s, -ing, -d, -r, -sman, {up Continuity}, of work Job

LINK -ed, -ing, {on. up, with} = connection, tie

LIP -s service [Sanctimony]

LIQUID -s Fluidity; make liquid or melt Liquification

LIST -s, -ed, -ing, -er

LISTEN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

LITTLE less, least, Littleness, Unimportance

LIVE -s, -r, -d, -ing place Abode science [Botany]

LOAD Hindrance, burden -s, -er, -ed, -ing

LOAN -s, -ed, -ing [lending]

LOCAL -s, -al, ally "locality" Location

LOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing {out, up [confinement]}

++ Log -s, -ged, -ger, -ging in, out

LONG -s, -er, -est, -ed, -ing "Length"] {for}

LOOK -s, -er, -ed, -ing, bad-l. Ugliness -out, -ing glass

LOOSE -s, -ly, -ness [incoherence] [laxness] - leaf

LOSE -s, -ing, lost -footing = slip

++ Loss -es

++ Lot [predicament] -s

LOUD -er, -est, -ly, Loudness

LOVE -s, r, -d, -ing, -ly, liness, l. making

LOW -s, -er,-est,-ly, Lowness Humility, Faintness -ing,-ed, -land,

-man, -point,


LUCK y luckiness, -less

++ Lung body part

MACHINE -s, -d, -ing [mechanics]


++ Magic Sorcery -al, -ally

MAIL -s, -er, -ed, -ing Correspondence

MAIN -ly

MAJORITY -ies Superiority

MAKE -s, made,-ing {off, over, up Composition, up for Compensation with}

use of Borrowing

MALE -s, -ness

MAN men, -ned, -ning -kind, -hater [misanthropy] -made = synthetic

MANUFACTURE -s,-ed, -er, -ing

++ Manner -s Courtesy, -ly, -liness, lack of Discourtesy = way

MANY more, most -ness numerousness -sided, -ness

MAP -s, -per, ped, ping

MARCH -es, -ed, -ing, -er; month

MARK -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -able, {down [discount], off- [circumscription] on, out, over, up engraving}

MARKET -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able, open - cf. business

MARRY -ies, -ied, -ing Marriage -ied relationship [in-law]

++ Mass -es, Rite -ing, -ed [plurality]

MATCH -es, Contention -er, -ed, -ing, -less

-- [Material]

MATTER -s, -ed, -ing, -ial Materials

MAY be able, month

MAYOR -s,-ial

MEAL -s, -time

MEAN -s, -t,-ing Interpretation, -lessness, Means -ness

MEASURE -s,-r,-d,-ing,-able [measurement]

MEAT y -s, Intrinsic, essence, -less

MEDIA printed Publication electronic

MEDICINE -s Remedy -ical

MEET -s, -ing, met, Convergence {at, in, on, over, to, up, with}

MEMBER -s, -ed,- ship

MEMORY -ies Memorial

MENTAL -ly, soundness Sanity lack Insanity, picture Imagination,

MERCY -ies, -ful, -fulness Leniency fully, less, lessness

MESSAGE -s, -d, -ing, "messenger"


Method -s, = Order, plan, way

MIDDLE -ing - ground [neutrality]

MIGHT y -s Power, Strength -ily, iness lack of Impotence

MILITARY -ies Defense

MILK y -s, -ed, -ing; milkiness


MIND -s, -ing, ful Intellect,less Unintelligence

MINE -s, -ing, -er, -ed, -able -field, - camp

MINISTER -s, -ed, -ing, -ical

MINOR -s, -ed, -ing "minority"

MINUTE -s, -ly measure

MISS -es, -ed, -ing

MIST -y -s, -ed, -ing

MISTAKE Error -s, mistook, mistaken -ing

MIX -es. -ed, -er,-ing Mixture into = meddle, interfere

MOB s, -bed, bing

MODEL -s, -ed, -ing, -er

MODERATE -s, -d, -or, -ing "Moderation"


MONEY -ies, -ied, less; m- matters [finance] -making Acquisition

MONTH -s, -ly

MOON -s, -ing, -ed [luminary]

MORAL -s, = ethical, righteous, virtuous

MORNING -s, -light, star

MOTHER -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, liness, -less -hood [cf father]

++ Motion -s, -ed, -ing, -less, -lessness - forward Motion Pictures

++ Motor -s, -ed, -ing -home

MOUNTAIN -s side, -top

MOUTH -s, -ed, -ing, -ful - wash

MOVE -s, -r, -d, -ing,{down Descent, in, off, on, over, through, to, up = advance} [motion]

MOVIE -s, Motion Picture

MUCH comparative = more, superlative = most

-- [More]

-- [Most]

-- [Murder] = willful killing

MUSCLE -s, -ed, -ing Strength

MUSIC -ian, -ly, -maker cf horn


-- [My] cf. I

MYSTERY -ies Unintelligibility, [occultism]

NAIL -s, -ed, -ing

NAME -s, -ly, -ed, -ing Nomenclature, lack of [anonymity]

NARROW -s, -er, -est, -ly, Narrowness mindedness = thin

NATION -s, -al,-ally United Nations


++ Nature -s, -d, -al, -ally Intrinsic

-- [natural] cf. nature

NAVY -ies "military service" Navigation

NEAR -er, -est, -ly, Nearness -ing Approach


NECK -s, -ed, -ing of land = peninsula

++ Need -s, -ed, -ing, -ful, -less -s [Necessity]

++ Negative -s Negation Nullification

++ Neighbor -ing, -ly, liness -hood


NERVE -s, Insolence, -ed, -ing, -s; nervousness

++ Nest -s, Abode -ed, -ing


-- [Never] = not ever

NEW -ly, -er, -est Newness

NEWS -y, -iness , -ly


NICE -er, -est, -ly, -ness

NIGHT -s, -ly

NINE -th # nineteen = nine + teen #

++ ninety #

-- [Ninth] = nine + th

NO -s, Dissent body, one, place,

-- [nothing] [non-existence], time = no + thing

-- [nowhere] = no + where

NOISE -s, Discord y -ily, noisiness

-- Nominate "nomination" = choose, pick

NOON -day, -time After-

NORMAL - "Normalit" = usual

NORTH Direction -erly -west, -east, bound, land, side, -ward

NOSE -s, y Curiosity -d, -ing count

NOT also Non- existence, payument

NOTE -s, Attention -d, -ing, -able = famous -worthy

++ Notice -ed, -ing Warning, Information



NUMBER -s, -ed, -ing Numeration thirty-two "#" and zero, cf. teen

OBEY -s. "Obedience" [conformity] Submission, lack of Disobedience


OBJECT -s, -or, -ed, -ing "objection"

OBSERVE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Observation"

OCCUPY -ies, -ied, -ier, Inhabitant -ing "Occupation"


++ Odd -s, -ly, -ness [eccentricity]


OFF -s, guard, -hand, -set, -spring

-- [Offensive] attacking, insulting

OFFER -s, -er, -ed, -ing

OFFICE -s, -ial, -ially Commission -er

-- [Officer] cf. office

-- [Official] cf. office

OFTEN Frequency; not

OIL -s, -ed, -ing oily

OLD -er, -est Oldness

ON -going -looking, -set, -ward


ONE -s, -ness Unity #

-- [Only] one + -ly

OPEN -s, -ly, -ness, Opening -ed, -er {in, up} -ended, case,

OPERATE -s, -d, -ing, "Operation" -al, -ally

OPINION -s, [mental attitude] Advice

++ Opportunity timeliness

OPPOSITE -s, "Opposition"

-- [Oppress] "oppression" = stamp on, keep down


ORANGE -s -ness Color -fruit-

ORDER -s, -ed,-ing,-ly, -liness Regularity, lack of Disorder [command]

++ Organic -ly Organic Matter

ORGANIZE -s, "Organization" Composition Class -al, -ally

++ Ornament Other -s,-side [contrariety]-wise

OTHER -s -wise

-- [Our] cf we

-- [Ours] cf we

-- [Oust] = fire, throw out, dismiss

OUT -s, -er,-ing = picnic,-bounds,-come = product, -do, -doors, -fit, going

departure, lay [expenditure], lying, line [compendium]

put -side of Exterior, [extraneous], -ward;

out of line Unconformity

OVER -amount [excess], cast, coat, come, do, power, Overrunning, see,

stay, statement Exaggeration, take, throw [revolution] -eating Gluttony,

OWE -s, -d, -ing, r

OWN -s, -er [possessor],-ed,-ing [possession] -s [property] {with,

up = confess}

++ Package -s, -d, -r, -ing

PAGE -s, -r, -ed, -ing [summon]

PAIN -s, -ed, -ing, ful, -less withdraw from Cowardice

PAINT -s, -er , Painting {on, over, up}

PAN -s, -ned, -ning pan out = succeed


PAPER y -s, -er, -ed,-ing [treatise]

PARADE -s, -d, -ing

PARALLEL -s, -led, ling Horizonal

-- [Parcel]

PARENT -s, -ed,-ing, -ial, -ially

-- [Parliament]

PART -s, -ly, -ing, -ed

++ Partner -s, confederate, associate -ed, -ing

PARTY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ying political -, Celebration

PASS -es, -ed, -ing Passage, {away transience, off = Transfer, on, out = faint, -over, through, under}


PAST -s, the - passport, -time

-- Passport = pass + port

PASTE y -s,-d, -ing

PATH -s, -ed, -way closed continuous path Circuit

PATIENT -s,-ly, patience Inexcitability, lack of = forbearance, fortitude

PAY -s, paid, -ing, -able not paying Nonpayment

pay for = afford "Payment" Compensation

PEACE -s, -ful, -fully make Pacif ication

PEN -s, -ned, ning Writing -al

-- [Pencil] = hand writing device

PEOPLE -s, -ed, -ing common people Populace


PERFECT -s, -ed, -ing, -ly "Perfection"

PERFORM -s, -ed, -ing, -er "performance"

PERIOD = recurrence [spell]

-- [Permanent] = lasting

PERMIT -s, -ed, -ing; act of Permission, Exemption, lack of = allow

PERSON -s, -al, ally Repute

++ Philosophy -s, -er, ical, ically

++ Photograph -s, Photography -er, -ed, -ing

PHYSICAL physics

++ Pick -s,-ed, -ing { off, on, over, through, up, with} [choice]

PICTURE -s, -ed,-ing

PIECE -s, -d, -ing = bit

PIG -s

++ Pile -s, -r, -d, -ing {up Exaggeration}

PILOT -s, -ed, -ing, - house, -light

PIPE -s, -r, -d, -ing

++ Pity -ies, -ied, -ing -ful, fully, less, lessness compassion

PLACE Location -s, -r, -d, -ing, -able {in, on, over, together}

in place Presence

PLAN -s, -ed, -ner, -ning

PLANT -s, -er, -ing, -ed


PLATE -s, -d, -ing

PLAY -s, Drama, -er [actor], -ed, -ing

PLEASE -s, -ing -d, -r "Pleasure"

-- [Plenty] = enough, many

++ Plunge -s, -d, -r, -ing

POCKET -s, -ed, -ing -book

POINT -s, -er,-ed [concise],-ing {at, out,

POISON -s, -er, -ing, -ed [bane], -ous [insalubrity]

++ Pole -s -ar, -d, -ing

POLICE -s, -ed, -ing,- beat, car, force, -man, power, station = enforce

POLICY -ies, -maker

POLITICS -al "politician"

POLLUTE -s, -d, -r, -ing "pollution

POOR Insufficiency -ly, -ness Poverty



PORT -s, -ly, -er, -al, air-, sea-

POSITION -s, -ed, -ere, -ing state; political stand, Principle

Positive -ly Affirmation

POSSESS -es, -ed, -or, -ing "Possession"

POSSIBLE -ly, "Possibility" lack of p. Impossibility

-- [Postpone] = put off

POTATO -es food, root vegetable

POUR -es, -ed, -ing, -er in, out

POWDER -es, -ed, -ing, -y, Powderiness

POWER -s, -ed, -ing,-ful,-fulness, Strength -fully, -less, -lessness,

lack of p. Impotence

++ Practice -s, -d,-itioner, -ing

PRAISE -s, -d, -r, -ing Approbation overly; - to the skies Flattery

PRAY -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -ers Request -erful, -ly,

-- [Pregnant] = with child, come to term

++ Prepare -s, -d, -r, -ing "Preparation" lack of Unpreparedness

PRESENT -s, -ed, -ing, the present, -ly, -able "Presence"

-- [President] see Appendix leader, chair

PRESS -es, -ed, -ing, Influence, Compulsion

PRESSURE -s, -d, -ing

PREVENT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "prevention"

PRICE y -s, -d, -ing low price Cheapness

++ Pride -s, -ful, great p. Vanity, [arrogance] lack of- Humility

++ Principle -s, -d Probity

PRINT -s, -er, -ed, Printing, -able

PRISON -s, -er, -ers

PRIVATE -s. -ly, -ness

PRIZE -s, -d

PROBABLE -ly lack of


PROCESS -es, -or, -ed, -ing "procession"

PRODUCE -s, "Product" -r, -d, -ing, "Production"

PROFESS -es, -ed, -or, -ing "profession"

PROFIT -s, -ed, -ing, profitable

PROGRAM -s, -ed, -er, -ing

PROGRESS -s, -ed, -ing, "Progression"

PROJECT -s, -ed, -ing, -or, "projection"

++ Promise -s, -d, -ing,

++ Proper -s, -ly

PROPERTY -ies, -ied, owning, holding, -ly

PROPOSE -s, -d, -ing, -r "proposition"

PROTECT -s, -ed, -or, -ing "protection" safekeeping, guard, watch

-- [Protest] = Speak or act against

PROVE -s, -d, -ing, "Proof" Evidence, lack of, prove false Confutation

PROVIDE -s, -ed, -er, -ing, "Provision"

++ Pry -ies, -ied, -ing [intrusion] [leverage]

++ Psychology -ical, ically, -ist

PUBLIC -s, -ly, speaking [elocution], spirit

PUBLISH -es, -ed, -er, -ing, "Publication"

PULL -s, -ed, -er, -ing {in, off, on, over, through = recover, to, up}

traction strong -

++ Pump -s, -er, -ed, -ing, Extraction

PUNISH -es, -ed, -ing, -er Punishment

PURCHASE -s, -d, -r, -ing cf buy

PURE -ly "Purity"

++ Purple -ness Color

PURPOSE s Intention, -ful, fully, fulness, less

PUSH -es Propulsion -er, -ed, -ing, -y, iness {from, in, into, off, on,

out, over, through, to, up, with}

PUT -s, -ter, ting, {in, Insertion, off [pretext], on airs [affectation], out [dislocation], over, to, up}

QUALITY [excellence], [nobility] "Qualification"

++ Quarter -s = lodging, -ed, -ing

QUESTION -s, Inquiry -er, -ed, -ing, -able

QUICK -er, -est, -ly, -ness

QUIET -ly -s, -ness = Silence

-- [Quit] = stop

RACE y -s, [stream] -r, -d,-ing, ial, raciness



RADIO -s, -ed, -ing cf communication

-- [Raid] = strike, hit

RAIL -s, -ed, -ing Ridicule road

RAIN -s, y -ed, -ing fall, storm

RAISE -s, -d, -ing, act of- Elevation [promotion], r- money Borrowing

RARE -er, -est, -ly = Seldom, -ness Rarity "raw"

++ Rash -es, -ly Rashness

RATE -s, -ing over- [overestimation], under- Underestimation

RAY -s, -ed, -ing [radiation]

REACH -es, -ed, -ing in, out, over, through

REACT -s, -or, -ed, -ing "Reaction," Resistance

READ -s, -er, -ing, [version]

READY -ies, -ily, -iness [preparation], lack of

REAL -ly not - "fiction" "realist," -istic

-- [realistic] cf real

REASON -s, -ed, Reasoning -falsely [sophistry] [motivation] -able, -ably


RECEIVE -s, -able, -ed, -er, Receiving, "reception," "receipt"

-- [Recession] economic turndown

RECOGNIZE -s, -d, -r, -ing [detection] [acknowledgement]

RECORD -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -able


++ Recreation -al

RED -ness -er, -est Color

-- [Reduce] decrease, lower

++ Reflect -s, -er, -er, -ing, "reflection"


REFUSE -s, -er, -ed, -ing, Refusal = boycott

REGRET -s, -ed, -ing, penance sorry, with sadness

++ Regular -ly "Regularity," Oscillation, Symmetry, lack of


-- [Reject] throw out Rejection

RELATION -s, -al lack of kinship

-- [Release] = free, let out

RELIGION -s [teaching] lack of Irreligion

REMAIN -s, -ed, -ing, "Remainder"

REMEMBER -s Memory -ed, -ing

REMOVE -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -al Extraction Deduction Displacement

REPAIR -s, -ed,-in, -er = Restitution, Return, Atonement

REPEAT -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Repetition"

REPORT -s, -er, -ed, -ing Publication

REPRESENT -s,-ed, -ing "Representation"

REQUEST -s, -er, -ed, -ing Command petition

REQUIRE -s, -d, -ing "requirement" = demand, exact

RESCUE -s, -d, -er, -ing

RESEARCH -es, -ed, -er, -ing -able

RESIGN -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Resignation"

RESIST -s, -ed, -ing, -er "Resistance" = oppose

RESOLVE -s, -ed, -ing "Resolution"

RESOURCE -s, Means -ing, -ful, -fully

RESPECT -ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -fulness, -ly, lack of Disrespect

++ Response -s, -sible, -ly Answer Sensibility

-- "Responsible"

REST -s, Repose -ed,-ing,-ful,-fulness, -less, lessness {in, on, over} stop, restroom

Restrain -s, -ed, -ing "Restraint" hold back

RESULT -s, -er, -ing "product" = outcome

RETIRE -s, -d, -ing Modesty

++ Retreat -s, -ed, -ing Recession house, place

RETURN -s, Reversion -ed, -ing, return like for like Retaliation

++ Reveal -s, -ed, -er, -ing "revelation" Disclosure Appearance

++ Review -s, -ed, -er, -ing

REVOLT -s, -ed, -ing "Revolution"

REWARD -s, -ed, -ing, -able Repute

RICE Food, grain

RICH -es [wealth]; -ness [productiveness]

RIDE -s, -r, rode, ridden -ing Travel

RIGHT -s, -ly, Rightness, Probity, -ful, fully, -ed, -ing, -of-way

++ Ring -s, Resonance -er, -ing, -ed

-- [Riot] mob + situation

RISE -s, -r, -ing, rose, risen, "resurrection" {up Ascent, with}

RISK -s, -ed, -ing -taker

RIVER -s, bank, -side

ROAD -s, -less

-- [Rob] = steal from

ROCK y -s, -er, -ed, -ing, -filled {by and forth}


ROLL y -s, -er, -ing, -ed [rotation] {off, out, over, up}

ROOF -s, -er, -ing, -ed

ROOM -s, -er, -ing, -ed -like

ROOT -s Ancestry, -er, -ing -ed, -edness Stability,-less, -lessness

= Cheer

ROPE -s, -ed, -ing

ROUGH -s, -er, -est, -ly, Roughness

ROUND -s, -er, -est, -ly,-ness -ed Rotundity -ing, -ed -table [council]

{about Circuity],off, out, up}

++ Rub -s, y -bed, bing Friction


RUIN -s, -ed, -er, -ing

RULE -s, -r, -ed -ing,

RUN ny -s, -ner, ran, -ning {by, down [disparagement] on, off, over, up}

SABOTAGE -s, -ed, -ing

SACRIFICE -s, -d, -ing, -ial, -ially

SAD -ly, -ness Dejection

SAFE -ly -s, -ness Safety -keeping Preservation

SAIL -s, -or [mariner], -ed, -ing, ship {from, off, out, over, to, under}

SALT y -s, -ed, -ing

SAME Uniformity -ness Identity, [tedium], time Synchronism

SAND -s, -ed, -ing


-- [Satisfy] = Content, fulfill

SAVE -s, -ior, -d, -ing

SAY -s, -er, said, -ing Maxim

SCALE y -s, Size -d, -ing Degree

SCHOOL -s, -ed, -ing, day, time


++ Scratch -es, y [itchy][blemish] -ed, -ing

++ Screen -s, -ed, -ing [shade]

++ Screw Distortion -er, -ed, -ing = twist

SEA -s, -men

-- [Search] = hunt for

SEASON -s, -al, -ally, -ed, -ing = spice

SEAT -s, -ed, -ing, Abode

SECOND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly -thought [sequel]

SECRET -s, -ly, -ness [secrecy] keep s- Concealment

SECURITY -ies, Safety, Stability

SEE -s, -r holy s. prophet, saw, seen, -ing; able to s. Vision;

Visibility not able to s. Invisibility

++ Seed -s, -ed, -er, -ing Posterity = sow, sperm

SEEK -s, -er, sought = hunt, search

SEEM -s, -ed, -ing Appearance

SEIZE -s, -ed, -ing usurp Command

-- [Seldom] = rarely

SELF -ves, -centered Selfishness, Parsimony, -lessness Unselfishness

-denial [temperance] lack of Intemperance -love, -serve, lack of -worship [vanity] control, same

SELL -s, -er, sold, -ing "Sale"

-- [Senate] [shifted to American government]

SEND -s, [dispatch] -s, -er, sent, -ing

SENSE -s, -ed, -or, -ing -less Insensibility, -ual [sensuality]


SENTENCE -s, Condemnation, -ed, -ing

SEPARATE -s, -d, -or, -ing, Extrinsic "separation" Disjuction

-- Series = groupings, chain

SERIOUS -ness -ly, - condition

SERVE -s, -r, -ing, Servant -ed {on, out, up}

++ Service -s, -ed, -ing, man, military-, person, station, woman

-able [job]

SET -s, Coherence -ter, ting, {about, against, in, off, on, out

= depart, over, up} - sail, -straight [disillusionment]

SETTLE -s, -er, -ing "settlement" = colony

SEVEN -th # seven + teen #

++ Seventy #

-- [Several] = a number of

-- [Severe] = very grave

SEX y -es, -ed, -ual, -ually -iness

SHADE y Obscurity -s, -ed, -ing, -less, shadiness

SHAKE y, -s, -r,-ing, shook, shaken Agitation

SHALL also cf. should

++ Shallow -er, -est, Shallowness

SHAME -s, -d, -ing, -ful, -less, -ful, -less

SHAPE -s, -r, -ing, -d, Sharpness, -less, lessness [formlessness] {up}

SHARE -s, r, -d, -ing

SHARP y -er, -est, ness Pungency = razor

SHE her, her -self

SHELF -s, -ed, -ing -life

SHELL -s, -er, -ing, -ed -fish

SHELTER -s, -ed, -er, -ing = lodging

SHINE y -s, -er, -ing

SHIP -s, -per, -ped, -ping {by, in, off, out, over, through, to}

SHIRT -s, -ed under- s. less

SHOCK -s, -er, -ed, -ing [collision]

SHOE -s, -ded, -ding, -maker

SHOOT -er, shot, -ing = inject

SHORT y -er, -est, -ly, Shortness, -coming Imperfection -hand

-- [Should] cf. shall

SHOUT -ing, out, over

SHOW y Ostentation, -er,-ing, shown,{off,through Transparency, up


-- [Shrink] contract, decrease in size

SHUT -s, -ter, -ing {away Seclusion, down [cessation]

SICK -ly, -ness [illness]

SIDE -es, -ing, -show, -ward

++ Sight -s, -ed, -ing, -less Blind, -seer

SIGN -s, Indication, -ed, -ing {in, off, on, over [deed], up, under}

SIGNAL -s, -led, -ing

SILENCE -s, -ed, -ing, Silent -ly, ness Taciturnity

SILK -s, = type of fiber

SILVER y coin, -ware s. tongue

SIMILAR same as Similarity

SIMPLE -ly, Simpleness


SING -s, Rejoice sang, sung, -ing

SINGLE -s, -ly, -ness Celibacy, Unity

SISTER -s, -ly,

SIT -s, -ter, sat, -ting, -out, up, with = accompany


SIX -th number # Six + teen #

++ Sixty #

SIZE -s, -d, -ing

-- [Skeleton] = bare bone structure

SKILL -s, -ed, -ful, -fulness, -less, lessness Unskillfulness

SKIN ny -s, -er, -ed, -ing =cheating, -less, and bones, tight

SKIRT -s, -ed, -ing outskirts

SKY -ies, blue, -high, -light, -ward

SLAVE -s, -er, -ed, -ing; -holder, master, quarters, ship Servility

SLEEP y -s, -er, -ing, slept, -less

SLIDE -s, slid, -ing

SLIP -s, -per, -ped, -ping

SLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -est, Slowness {down, up}

SMALL -er, -est, -ness Littleness Inferiority

SMASH -es, -ed, -er, -ing

SMELL y -s, -ed, -ing [pungency] bad = Odor, Malodorousness -less,

Odorlessness [-iness, sweet - [fragrance] bad

SMILE y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness

SMOKE y -s, -r, -d, -ing, -less, -filled, -iness [opaqueness]

Tobacco smoking material, "weed"

SMOOTH -s, -er, -est, -ly, Smoothness, Elegance {down, off, out, over}

SNAKE y -s, -iness, -like, -ed, -ing [deceiver] [coil] = Meander

SNEEZE -es, -d, -ing [sibilation]

SNOW y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness


SOAP y -s, -ed, -ing, -iness

++ Sober -s, -ing -ness -ly "sobriety"

SOCIAL -s, -ly, -able, "Sociality" [sociability] lack of


SOFT -er, -est, -ly, Softness soft drink

SOIL -s, -ed, -ing = make dirty

-- [Soldier] = army serviceperson

SOLID -s, -ly, -ness Density

SOLVE -s, -d, -r, -ing "Solution"

SOME body, how, one, place, thing, time, what, where

SON -s

++ Song -s, -bird, -form, -ster [poetry]

SOON shortly

++ Sorrow y -s, Regret, -ing Lamentation -ed, -ful lack of sorrow unregretfulness, condolence

SORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing { of, out, over, through, with}

SOUL -s, [psychology]

SOUND -s, -ed, -ing, -ly, -ness, mind [sanity]

++ Sour -ed, -ing, Sourness = acid

SOUTH Direction, -east, -west, -bound, -ward, wind

SPACE y, -s, -r, -d, -ing, man travel Astronautics between Interval

SPEAK -s, -er, spoke, -en, act of [speech], not perfect

Stammering [diction], -ing with taste [elegance] lack of


SPECIAL -s, -ly character cf. earmark;-ness; special skill "Specialty,"

SPEECH es, simple, easy

SPEED y -s, Velocity -er, -ed, -ing {on, up}

++ Spell Sorcery -er, -ed, -ing

SPEND -s, -er, spent

SPIRIT -s, -ual,-ually,-filled [immateriality], good Angel

bad Demon [specter]

++ Spit -s, [secretion] -ing, spat [hiss]

SPORT Sports y -ed, -ing, -s, -sman [banter]

++ Spot -s, -ty Location, [variegation] -ed, -ing, -ter -less; -light, -market

SPREAD -s, -ing, -er {by, for, from, on, out, over

Expansion, through, to upon, with} Dispersion

SPRING y -s, Leap -iness Elasticity {back Recoil, in, off,out, over,


SPY -ies, -ied, -ing

SQUARE -s, -ly, ness, -d, -ing

++ Stage [period] [tier] Arena -s, -ed, -ing

++ Stamp -s, -ed, -ing, {in, on, out, over, through} [nature]

STAND -s. stood, -ing, -point, {against, for Resistance, in = substitute,

s. in Substitution, off, on, out, over, up, upright Obliquity with}

STAR -s, -ry -ing, -ed, board -filled

START -s, Beginning [advantage] -er, -ed, -ing {in, off, up}

STARVE -s, -ed, -ing

STATION -s, -ed, -ing, -break,- master


STAY -s, -er, -ed, -ing power [perseverance] Remainder = remain

among, in, on, out, over, through, up, with

STEAL -s, -er thief Stealing, stole, stolen,

STEAM y -s, -er,-ed, -ing Vapor


++ Stem -s, -med, -ming cell [shaft]

STEP -s, -ped, -ing out of Unconformity

STICK y -s, -er, -ing, stick to Tenacity, stick together Coherence stuck up

++ Stiff -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness [rigidity] -neck [obstinacy]

STILL Silence -ness [quiescence]

STOMACH -s, -ed, -ing

STONE y -s, -d, -ing, -iness

STOP -s, -per, -ped,-ping [cessation], -use Disuse, light, watch

STORE -s, -d, -r, -ing {in, up}

STORM y -s, -ed, -ing Attack; {about, off, out}

STORY -ies, Falsehood -ied

STRAIGHT -er, -est, Straightness

STRANGE -r, -est [foreigner]; [abnormality]

++ Stream -s, -ed, -er, -ing {down-, on-, up-}

STREET -s -light

STRETCH -es, -er,-ed,-ing, -able, ableness Elasticity

STRIKE -s, -r, struck, -ing {at [attack], back, out, with}

++ String y -s, -er, -ed, -ing, - Instrument

++ Strip -s, -per, -ing, -ped Divestment {off} = bare [vacancy]

STRONG -er, -est, -ly; "Strength" Vigor -hold [refuge]

STRUCTURE Form -s, -er, -ing, -al, ally, -ed, -ing

-- [Struggle] = fight

STUDY -ies, -ied, -ing

-- [Stupid] = very dull

++ Style Fashion -s, -d, -ing Lifestyle,

SUBJECT Thought -s, -ed, -ing "Subjection"

SUBSTANCE -s, -tial, -ly, lack of - Insubstantiality

SUBSTITUTE -s, -d, -ing "Substitution"

SUCCEED -s, -ed, -ing, "Success" -ful, fully; lack of


SUDDEN -ly, -ness

SUFFER -s, -ed, -er, -ing

SUGAR -s, -ed, -ing

SUGGEST -s, -ed, -ing, Latency, Advice "suggestion"

++ Suit -s, -able, Agreement -ably, -ing, -ed, -er

SUMMER -y -s, -time, wear

SUN -ny -s, -ned, -ning light, -shine, -spot

-- [Supervise] = oversee

SUPPLY -s, -ied, -ier, -ing Provision

SUPPORT -s, -er, -ing,-ed Aid

SUPPOSE -s, -ed, -ing "Supposition" Supposedly [imply]

-- [Suppress] = end, put down

SURE -ly, -ness Certainty, lack of -[uncertainty]

SURFACE -s, -ed, -ing Shallowness, Texture

SURPRISE -s, Expectation lack of inexpectation], -d, -ing not s. [unastonishment]

-- [Surrender] = give up

SURROUND -s, -ed, -ing = vicinity

-- [Survive] = continue living

SUSPECT -s, -ed. -ing

-- [Suspend] hang in

++ Sustain -s, -ed, -ing, -er, -able, ably [110 endure]

SWALLOW -s, -ed, -ing Drinking

SWEAR -s, -ing Imprecation, swore, sworn = curse, cuss

++ Sweep -s, -swept, -er, -ing {out, over, up}

SWEET -s, -er, -est, -ly, Sweetness

SWIM -s, -ing, swam, swum

SYMPATHY Pity -ies,

++ Symbol -s Figurative

SYSTEM -s, Order, Plan

TABLE -s, -ed, -ing -land

TAIL Rear -s, -or, -ing, -ed =follow {on, off, over, up, up with}

TAKE -s, -r,-ing, took, taken, {in [inclusion][reception],

(away Deduction)

TALK -s, -er,-ed,-ing, much Talkiveness {at, for, out Dissuasion,to, to

oneself, together, through [discussion] up, with Conversation}

TALL -er, -est, -ness [cf high]; [tall talk grandiloquence]

TARGET -s, -ed,-ing

TASTE -y -s, -r,-d,-ing, -ful, -less [insipidness] discrimination] -less,

bad t. Vulgarity, = flavor -ed, -ing, -ful, -less [savoriness]

lack of Indiscrimination

TAX -es, -er, -ed, -ing, -able

TEA -s drink

TEACH -s, -er, Teaching, taught, -able; bad -

TEAM -s, -ed, -ing = crew

TEAR y -s, -ing, tore, torn [sever], -ful



++ [Teen] -s, # 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

TELEPHONE -s, -ed, -ing "phone"

TELEVISION -s Communication

TELL -s, -er, told, -ing {off [reprove] with}

TEN -th #

TERM -s, -ed, -ing

-- [terrible] cf. terror

-- [territory] = land area


TEST -y -s, -er, -ing [experiment] = Temptation


THANK -ed, -ing, -s, Gratitude, lack of Ingratitude

THAT those


THEATER -s, Drama

-- [their] cf. they

-- [theirs] cf. they

-- [them] cf. they

THEN Sequence


THERE -after, -by, -fore, -with

-- [These] cf. this

THEY their, theirs, them

THICK -er, -est, -ly, -ness

THIN -er, -est, -ly, -ness


THINK -s, thought, -ing [philosophy] {out, over, up} -tank

THIRD -s third part

-- [Thirteen] = three + teen #


THIS these


THOUGHT -s, -less, lessness {out, over, through, up, with}

-ful, -fully, fulness

++ Thread -s, -ed, -ing [filament] -less


THREAT -EN -s, -ed, -ing

THREE # -fold; threefoldness

++ Throat -s body part


THROW -s, -threw, thrown,-ing,-er {at, away = trash, back [reversion], on, up}

++ Thunder -s, -ed, -ing

++ Ticket -s, -er, -ed, -ing

TIE -s, -er, -ed, -ying, {in = connected, on, over, up = congested, with}

TIGHT -er, -est,-ly,-ness Parsimony

TIME -s, -ly -r, -d, -ing, -less, -table Science of - Chronometry

-- [Tin] = can, metal container

TIRED -ly, -ness, -ing

++ Title -s, Nomenclature -ed, -ing

TO Today, tonight, toward

-- [Today] to + day

Toe -d, -ing

TOGETHER -ness [simultaneousness]


TONGUE -s, -d, -ing, language

-- [tonight] to + night


TOOL -s, -ing, -ed

TOOTH y teeth, -ed, -ing

TOP -s, -ped, -per, -ing, - man, side,

TORTURE -s, -d, -r, -ing

TOTAL -s, -led, -ing "totality"

TOUCH y -s, -ed, -ing, touchiness touch two things Contact

++ Tough -s, -er, -est, -ly, -ness

-- [toward] to + ward

++ Tower -s, -ed, -ing, cell -, radio -, tv -, watch-, water -[structure]

TOWN -er, -ship

TRADE -s, Barter -r, -d, -ing, -mark

TRADITION -s, -al, -ally

TRAFFIC -ed, -ing TRAIN -er, -ed [tame], -ing Continuity

TRANSPORT -s, -ed, -er, -ing "Transportation"

TRAVEL -s, -ler cf tourist, -ed, -ing, office, plans

on water Navigation

-- [Treason] denial of homeland, becoming a turncoat

TREASURE -s, -ed, -ing

TREAT -s, -ed, -ing, -able "treatment"

-- [Treatment] cf. treat


TREE -s, -d, -ing, -less See American


TRIBE -s, -al

TRICK y -s, -er [deceiver]-ed, -ing [Deception]

TRIP -ped, ping {on, over, up} = stumble

-- [Troop] military; group = band, company

TROUBLE -s, Difficulty Exertion -ed, -ing,-maker [evildoer]

TRUCK -s, -ed, -er, -ing -stop

TRUE -r, -est, saying Maxim "Truth" -ful, -less

TRUST y -s, -ing, -ed, -ful

TRY [endeavor], -ied, -ing, -ial

TUBE -s, -ing subway,

TURN -s, Rotation -ed,-ing [convolution]; downturn Recession

{back, in, off, on, -over, to, under, up} = curve Curvature

TWELVE -th #


-- [Twice] two times

++ Twist -s, Distortion Convulation -ed, -ing

TWO # -ness

++ Type -s, -d, -ing, -set, -writer

UNDER Inferiority, go,lay, take, Undertaking,-wear, world, -writer

UNDERSTAND -s, -stood, -ing Interpretation, [misinterpretation]

++ Unit -s, of measure Unity

UNITE -s, -d, -ing Combination, tie "Union" [concurrence] labor

UNIVERSE -s, -al, -ally




UP -s,-on,-per,-per most,- right, -ness Probity, upset = displeasure,

irritate, up-side down, up-and-down, Vertical -ward

-- [urge] = press

-- [urgent] = pressing

-- [Us] cf We

USE -s, -d, -r,-ing,-ful, -ly, less, Uselessness, -lessly,

[employment]; [consumption], -lessness, loosely

Indiscrimination, -ual

-- [Usual] Habit

++ Utility -ies

VALLEY Concavity -s -filled

VALUE -s, Interpretation -ing, -ed, -able, ableness


VEHICLE -s, vehicular

++ Verse -s, -d, -ing Poetry, not verse [prose]

-- [Version] = varied account


VETO -es, -ed, -ing

-- [Vicious] full of faults


VICTORY -s, = Success; [triumph]; win

++ VIEW -s, -ed, -ing Visibility -er [spectator], -point [opinion]


-- [Violate] = break rule, do wrong

VIOLENCE "violent" motion Agitation

++ Virtue -s, -al, -ually lack of

VISIT -s, -ed, -ing, -or

VOICE -s, -ed, -ing [utterance]

VOTE -s, -r, -d, -ing

WAGE -s, -d, -r, -ing

WAIT -s, Expectation -er, -ed, -ing {for, on, out, up}

WALK -s, -er, -ed, -ing way = path

WALL -s, -ed, -ing paper

WANT -s, -ed, -ing [shortcoming] Insufficiency

WAR -s, -red, -ing, Warfare, -like = aggression, - machine

++ Ward -s, Defense -ing, -ed {off Repulsion}

WARM -s, -er, -est, -ly, ness, -ed, -ing

WARN -s, -ed, Warning Caution [threat]

WASH -s, -er, -ed, -ing -ing machine

WASTE -s,-r, -d, -ing, ful,-ness [prodigality], Excretion

WATCH -s,-ed,-ing, -er -ful, -fully, -fulness out Caution

WATER y -s, -er, -ed, -ing -fall, -way

WAVE y -s, -r, -d, -ing, = swing Oscillation

WAY -s, -of putting, of speaking [figure of speech] Interpretation {down, out, over, up], -ward, -laid

WE our, ours, us

WEAK -er, -est, -ly, Weakness

WEALTH y -ier, iest

WEAPON s, -ed

WEAR -s, -er,-ing, wore, worn, {at, down, in, off, out, through}

foot, head, leg, neck, outer, play, summer, swim, under, winter -y Weariness

WEATHER -s, -ed, -ing bound

WEEK -s, -ly, end, long,

WEIGHT y -s, -ed, -lifting

WELCOME -s, -d, -r, -ing [hospitality] not w. [inhospitality]

WELL -ness -s, -being, -done, -placed, -put, -thought, -worked

WEST Direction, -erly, -bound, -side, wind

WET -s, -ter, -test, -ted, -ing -ness Moisture, -land [marsh]

WHAT -ever, -soever,

WHEAT grain, food, whole w.

WHEEL -y, -s, -er, -ing

WHEN -ever

WHERE -as, -ever, fore, in, upon

WHICH -ever

WHILE interim -ed, -ing

WHITE -s, -er, -est, -ness Color

WHO whose, whom, -ever, soever

WHOLE -ly, -ness -some, -someness [salubrity] lack of


WIDE -r, -est, -ly, -ness "width" Breadth widespread

WIFE -ves

WILD -s, -ly, -ness, -life

WILL -s, -ful, -ing, -ingness , lack of, power

WIN Success -s, -ner, -won, -ning - over, with

WIND y -s, -ing, -ed -iness Diffuseness


WINDOW -s, -less

WINE -s, -ed drink

WING -s, -ed, -ing, -less

WINTER y -s, -ed, -ing

++ Wipe -s, -er, -ed, -ing off, out, over

WIRE y -s, -ed, -ing, -less

WISE -ly man, "Wisdom" Intelligence

WISH -es, -ed, -ing, -ful, list

WITH -in, -out, -draw, -hold, -stand,

-- [Withdraw] -al with + draw

-- [without] with + out

WOMAN y -ly women

WONDER -s, -ful, -ing, -ed; great wonder = awe [dread][Reverence]

-- [wonderful] cf wonder

WOOD y -s, -ed, -heat, heater, -land

WOOL -s, type of fiber

WORD y -s, -less; -structure Grammar, false -iness Diffuseness

my word Promise

WORK -s,-er [employee] -ed, -ing -place {off, out = exercise,

over, together [co-operation], up, with}

WORLD -s, = Universe -ly,-liness Wide Web = Internet, -to come Destiny

WORRY -ies, -ier, -ied, -ing, -filled

-- [worse] cf. bad

++ Worship -s, -er, -ing false Idolatry, House of w. Temple

WORTH y -less,

WOUND -s, -ed, -ing

WRECK -s, -ed, -er, -ing

WRITE -s, -er, wrote, written, Writing, Sacred Writings,

written structure Grammer

WRONG -s, -ly, -ness, -ful; -fulness; w.doing -


YEAR -s, -ly -after-year period

YELLOW -s, -ed, -ing, -ness Color

YES -es Affirmation, Assent



YOU your, -s, -self

-- [your] cf you

-- [yours] cf you

YOUNG -er, -est, -like Youth

ZERO -es

























-TH breath, death, depth, growth, height, length, truth, width,


Listed words:

a) food & drinks: apple, bread, butter, cheese, coffee, corn, egg, fish, fruit, meat, milk, orange, potato, rice, sugar, tea, vegetable, wheat, wine

b) clothing: coat, dress, hat, jacket, pants, shirt, skirt, stocking

c) metal: gold, iron, lead, silver, steel

d) science & art: administration, agriculture, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, ecology, education, history, language, law, library science, medicine, music, philosophy, physical ed., political science, psychology, religion, social science, social work, speech, theater


American Government & Proper Names 76 Words


United States Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution

President, Vice-president

Congress, Senate, House of Representatives


Department-- Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Health, Education,

and Welfare, Interior, Labor,

Post Office, State, Treasury, Veteran's Affairs, Secretary


Supreme Court, Circuit Court, County Court, District Court


Agencies: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Trade Commission

Internal Revenue Commission

Social Security Administration

Bureau of Census

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Reclamation

Bureau of Standards and Measures

National Institutes of Health

National Park Service

Peace Corps

Surgeon General

Transportation Department: Interstate

Association, Region, Republic,

Months: Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Days: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

Holidays: Arbor, Christmas, Decoration, Easter, Halloween, Pentecost

Independence, Labor, Memorial, New Year's, Passover,


Places: Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial,

U.S. Capitol, Pentagon


Other: "Star Spangled Banner," "Stars and Stripes," Old Glory"

Pledge Allegiance

Internet, World Wide Web


American Foods 127 Words


bake goods -- bread, bagel, biscuit, bun, cake, cobbler, cookie, donut, pie, toast, waffle

berry -- black-, blue-, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry

cultural -- chili, gravy, grits, macaroni, pancake, pasta, pizza,

Sandwich, sauerkraut, soup, spaghetti, stew

drink -- beer, coffee, juice, lemonade, tea, whiskey, wine

fish -- anchovies, catfish, clam, crab, lobster, oyster,

salmon, sardines, shrimp, tuna

fruit -- apple, apricot, banana, cherry, grape, grapefruit, lemon,

lime, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, prune, raisin

grain -- barley, bran, cereal, cob, corn, oats, popcorn, rice, rye, wheat

meat: bacon, barbecue, beef, breast, burger, chicken, ham, hash, lamb, liver, pork, ribs, sausage, steak, stew,

ribs, turkey, veal

milk: butter, cheese, cream, yogurt

nuts; almond, peanut

oil: corn, olive, soy

salad: slaw

spread: catsup, horse + radish, margarine, mayonnaise, mustard, pickle sauce

sweets: candy, chocolate, custard, dessert, honey, comb

jam, jelly, preserve, syrup

vegetable: bean, beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower,

celery, collards, corn, cucumber, endive, kale, lettuce,

onion, pea, potato, pumpkin, spinach, squash, tomato, turnip

cooking ways: boil, broil, chew, chip, chop, fry, mash, roast, slice

meal: breakfast, lunch, supper


Other American Words 186 words


Amer. Agriculture: barn, farm, harvest, hay, hoe, mow

pasture, plow, silo, sow, till, tractor


Buildings: apartment, arena, auditorium, chapel, condominium, depot,

diner, lodge, motel, restaurant, supermarket

Business: brand, cart, discount, funeral, grocery, lease,

liability, lottery, rent, sale, shop, stock


Amer. consumer goods: tissue, toilet, towel, wiper, wrap


Amer. Crafts: carve, mold, needle, sew, spin, weave


Amer. Education: certificate, class, course, desk, diploma, fee,

grade, junior, senior, session, sophomore, tuition


Amer. Environment: erosion, recycle, renew(able), toxic


Amer. Government: divorce, estate, license, marriage

Amer. Health: ambulance, clinic, hospice, prescription, surgery,


Amer. Household: appliance, bath, carpet, cushion, fan, fork,

kitchen, pillow, porch, range, refrigerator, sheet, spoon, swing

Amer. Land: creek, knob, lawn, orchard, cove, plain, prairie,


Amer. Money: cent, dime, dollar, nickel, penny,

Amer. Measure: acre, barrel,bushel, gallon, inch, mile, ounce,

pint, pound, quart, ton, yard


General -- gram, liter, meter,


Type -- king, queen bed

Amer. Recreation: amusement, band, baseball, bike, bowl,

dive, gamble, golf, hike, hockey, jog, pitch, polo, row

soccer, tennis, tourist, track, volleyball, wrestling

Amer. sayings: caution, hello, good-bye, merry, okay, pardon

Amer.titles: attorney, aunt, bishop, captain, gentleman, grand,

lady, lord, madam, major, master, mister, sir, uncle

Amer. Transportation: curve, departure, entrance, exit, flight, interchange,

jet, junction, lane, merge, pedestrian, route, shoulder, subway, toll,

trail, yield

Weather: hail, hurricane, lightning, shower, sleet, tornado


Worship: altar, baptism, communion, hymn, matrimony, psalm, sacrament


Regional Words 111 Words


These words are common in Eastern United States (Appalachia).

Eastern American Animals:

Wild: bear, beaver, bison, bobcat, chipmunk, coyote, deer, elk, fox,

groundhog, lizard, mink, mole, mouse, muskrat, opossum,

rabbit, raccoon, rat, snake, skunk, vole, weasel, wolf, woodchuck

Birds: cardinal, crow, dove, duck, eagle, finch, hawk, goose,

hummingbird, jay, mockingbird, owl, pheasant, pigeon, quail,

robin, sparrow, swallow, vulture, woodpecker

Farm: bull, calf, goat, hog, horse, mule, pig, cow sheep

House Pet: cat, dog

Water: frog, mussel, turtle

Insects: ant, bee, bug, cricket, flea, fly, gnat, grasshopper,

hornet, mosquito, spider, wasp, worm, yellow jacket

Total: 65


Eastern Amer. Plants: dandelion, elderberry, ginseng, hemp, lily, marijuana,

mushroom, orchid, rose, sage, tobacco, violet

trees: ash, beech, birch, buckeye, cedar, chestnut, elm, fir, gum,

hackberry, hazelnut, hemlock, hickory, locust, maple,

mulberry, oak, papaw, pecan, persimmon, pine, poplar, spruce,

sycamore, walnut, willow

herb -- dill, garlic, mint, spice Total: 40

Also: folk, kin, patch, poke, pike, quilt Total: 6





Substitute Listing



Afraid = fearful

Aid = help

Behavior = practice, conduct

Blemish = mark

Capture = take

Cavity = hollow

Chart = map

Goad = egg

Heap = pile

Penalty = fine

Rank = position

Regard = consider

Relinquishment = leave

Ridicule = laugh at

Scare = frighten

Subsidy = payment

Substratum = floor

Terminal = end

Topic = subject